Are Male Yeast Infection Symptoms different from women’s? Well, in one word..Yes! Often times when men get penile yeast infections, they do not have any symptoms at all and therefore may not even know they have a yeast infection. However, when men do have symptoms, they can be terrible! Male Yeast Infection Symptoms: Burning, itching or rash around the head of the penis. At times it can also burn during urination. Discharge is possible, but not typical unless the infection gets Read more [...]
Male Yeast Infections can occur a few different ways and surprisingly, men can get yeast infections for the same reasons women do. So, here are the reasons one can get a yeast infection. Antibiotics – Certain antibiotics can cause yeast infections, especially if the antibiotics are used for a prolonged period of time. This typically happens due to the antibiotics disturbing the normal balance of bacteria, which then leaves people susceptible to an overgrowth (yeast infection). Diabetes Read more [...]
Believe it or not…..Men Can get Yeast Infections. I know, most men don’t think about this as something that is possible to get or that they will ever get one. However, it can happen for a variety of reasons and is something that should be taken care of and not ignored. As I mention in my article ‘How Can Men get Yeast Infections‘ below, there are a handful of ways for men to contract a yeast infection. Some of them are antibiotics, diabetes, nonoxynol-9, and sexual transmission. I want Read more [...]

i have a terrible thrush infection which has been on and off for about 3-4years, i usually use yoghurt but it has stopped working now, none of the drug treatments work so was told to try bathing in tea tree oil? i done it last night and then applied some cream which helped a little would it be okay to have another bath with it tonight and then put on some more cream need advice?

I recently found out that I have a vaginal yeast infection and now my boyfriend is experiencing a little bit of itching on his genitals. Should we be concerned or is it from the yeast infection? Is there some kind of cream or medicine he can take for it?

How do men get a yeast infection?
oh i think i should mention that its my boyfriend how has one- and i havent had a yeast infection in a year…does this mean he cheated?

my baby got oral thrush.. i wonder what is there i can do for it? i wonder if i got it on my nipple too cuz it hurts when im breastfeeding her. at first i thought it was just her new teeth that i wasn’t used to but now im wondering if i got thrush infection from her. what could have caused thrush?? i dont understand how she could have got it.

Yeast infection in adult males might occur typically and genitalia Candidiasis currently being one of the most regular kinds among the them. The Candida yeast brings about this yeast infection in human bodies. It's contained in all human bodies, however the human immune method alongside using the valuable microorganisms and microorganism occupying exactly the same part in the body, restricts its advancement, Yeast Infection in Gentlemen is usually brought on by the following elements. Soreness Read more [...]

I am on lite-dose chemotherapy, and I’ve developed mouth sores and thrush. The prescription for thrush is now not working, and is causing damage to my liver. My mouth and throat are both sore, I cant brush my teeth or eat solid food. Help!!!

We get this question all the time and for some reason, it is difficult for some to understand. Yeast and Thrush infections are the same.   Here are some statements from the various authority sites on the web: Is Thrush a Yeast Infection? Both the thrush (mouth) in a child and the vaginal (or penile) "yeast" infection are caused by the same yeast organism called either Monilia (Moniliasis) or Candida albicans. The yeast is very common but usually does not cause any problem. It Read more [...]

I have been to the doctor and told that I have Thrush?
I’ve taken the tablet 3 days ago but find that i’m still really itchy.
Is there anything I can do for now to stop from itching and how is it transmitted? Can you get it if you have the same partner?
Is it really thrush or is it something else?

When a man has a yeast infection, what kind of medications are available to take care of it?


Hi, I'm James Cooper and I had a problem and at the time I didn't know what it was. After doing research, I finally found out what it was, a yeast infection, but there wasn't alot of info offered on it. So, as embarrassing as it is, I thought I would share the info I learned with all of you so you won't have the same troubles I did.